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Dancer Profile – Nath Keo

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Nath Keo, creative director and founder of Sacred Centre Dance,  was born in Kav Lan Refugee Camp on the border of Thailand and Cambodia and immigrated to Canada at the age of nine. His work as a writer, dancer, singer/songwriter and model has been celebrated internationally. This multi-faceted artist has released two music albums, a book and two dance instructional DVDs. In the past 8 years, Nath has performed 7 tours in 51 cities, and over 1000 performances. Back in February 2006, Nath was ordained as a Bikkhu Theravada Buddhist Monk at Wat Tuol Taong, Cambodia. In 2008 he was a featured instructor and performer at the International Bellydance Conference of Canada, and alongside the legendary Farida Fahmy of Egypt, was a judge at the World Bellydance Championships hosted in Soeul, South Korea.  

Those who have spent any time with Nath know that he is a big fan of food. In fact, when he eats out with his troupe he has been known to eat the same amount of food as all of the other dancers combined. What is Nath most excited about with Harem? He has some sweet costumes he is looking forward to wearing, and he recently choreographed a very cheeky sequence based on a dare.

This is the final biography that will be included in our contest for free tickets to see Harem on November 28th at the McPherson Theatre.  Now that you can read all of the dancer’s bios, you have everything you need to fill out the contest form. Remember, all entries are eligible to win, not only the correct entries.  Good luck to you!

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