About Sacred Centre


Sacred Centre Philosophy

The first step to moving forward is appreciating all the steps you’ve taken back…

Nath Keo’s Sacred Centre Method is the product of his extensive training in Middle Eastern Dance, Cambodian Cultural and Martial Arts and his study of Theravada Buddhist practices and philosophy.

At its core is a focus on balance, grace and form through body alignment and awareness. The Sacred Centre programs are designed to welcome men and women of all ages, body types and fitness levels.

“Breath with your heart, move with your mind…” Sacred Centre Dance

Explore World Music and Dance in our safe, warm environment. New students are always welcome!  Please phone (250) 885-6516 to learn more.

“Breath with your heart, move with your mind…” Sacred Centre Dance

“Sacred Centre is a movement, a form, and a lifestyle…”

From Beginner to Professional training, Sacred Centre Dance offers one of Canada’s most comprehensive curriculums for Middle Eastern, and World Fusion dance. The Studio offers:

·         Weekly classes

·         Private and semi-private lessons and workshops tailored to suit your group

·         Festivals and many other performance and events throughout the year.

Whether it’s for fun, fitness or to further your studies, we welcome you to embrace World Music and Dance and discover the secrets of the revolutionary “Sacred Centre Method.”

History of Sacred Centre

Early Shows

After celebrating the two back-to-back successful productions “Tribute to Nadia Gamal” and “Shaabi Shake 2000” Nath Keo formed the Sacred Centre Dance Company to present all new traditional and fusion choreographies. As one of Western Canada’s most progressive and dynamic Middle Eastern Dance performance troupes, the company presents  a brand new production each year as well as appearances in various venues and cities across Canada.

shaabi shake group

Shaabi Shake Dancers





Current Work

Emerald Oasis (2010)

Emerald Oasis featured the first full length show of Nath’s signature fusion choreography. The show featured the five Asian elements: Metal, Earth, Fire, Water and Wind.

Raqstar (2012)

Raqstar took Sacred Centre back to classical Egyptian Orientale Bellydance. It featured classic songs and movements.

Samsara (2013-2014)

Inspired by choreographer Nath Keo’s year as a Buddhist monk in Cambodia, this unique choreography explores the cycles of birth, love, sickness, suffering, death and re-birth as understood through Buddhism. In his most personal work to date, Nath Keo showcases a fusion of Bellydance, Cambodian classical and folk dance, Cambodian martial arts, and meditation mudras.

Harem (2015-2016)

Debuting Nov 2015 at the McPherson Theatre in Victoria, BC.

In his sixth production, artistic director Nath Keo choreographs in Turkish, Egyptian, fusion and contemporary belly dance styles in homage to the harems of the Ottoman Empire and their history of cultural fusion. This heady blend of popular and eclectic world beat music, Keo’s signature style and loads of sass from the Sacred Centre dancers will change your notion of what it means to be in a harem.


  • Featured Performers  – Bad Boys of Bellydance (Las Vegas, 2012)
  • Grace in Motion – Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival (Ethnic, 2013)
  • Honours – Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival (Ethnic, 2014)
  • 1st Place – Duncan Performing Arts Festival (2014)

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